Once more a white world

Last night we were watching TV and the picture suddenly started to disappear and reappear.  This usually means something is wrong with the satellite dish, which is on the edge of our lawn. I put on my shoes and headed out into the night.
Wow! Snow was barrelling down out of the sky. I brushed the snow of the dish and returned to the house.
This morning we awoke to find the world white once more. The only colour was in the red houses and the pennants hanging motionless.
This beauty only lasted a short while because the temperature was already above freezing and the snow soon fell from the branches.
Changing the subject, today was my last day at work. I cleared my office and my two computers, and said some goodbyes before heading for home. Goodbye Mid Sweden University! That feels like the end of an era!
(My final backblip from our early March ski trip is now up and can be seen here.)

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