Run baby run

I have volunteered myself to post 'daily checkin' posts throughout April for a facebook group that I belong to.  The group is for people interested in 5:2 (intermittent fasting) eating plan.

I am going to copy the post here, mostly for my own record.  As with most things that I do, there is overlap.  It might help me post on a daily basis for a while anyway.  As I am writing about the previous day the  picture may not be relevant (I have commented about park run in my post that will accompany my Sunday blip which, might be from the cookery class I am taking part in today (I'm writing this on Sunday morning)  Feel free to stop reading now.


31 March 2017 
A 3 mile run and then breakfast in town with a friend before work today. 
Weight 11.9 stone  ( 
BMI 25.5 
BMR 1397 calories 
TDEE 1676 calories 
Snack Count - ZERO 
Black coffee (4) 
Mint tea (1) 
Red Berries tea (2) 
Sparkling water (2 litres) 
Coconut water (1) 
English breakfast team with skimmed milk (2) 
Eggs Royale (2 poached eggs/1 muffin/smoked salmon/hollandaise/micro salad garnish) 
Tinned tomatoes 
Frozen peas 
Flat mushroom 
Greek yoghurt 

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