Sushi Sunday

Not a great deal to say about Sunday.  I began the day with a 3.5 mile jog, took part in a cookery class and tackled my ironing mountain.

Good morning and welcome to another week of #April #Accountability#check #in
Here is your #daily #checkin for #Monday 3 April 2017.
Yesterday I was enrolled on a cookery course. I use the word 'cookery' loosely as it was actually a sushi making class and there was not as much cooking as on others I have taken.
Food Choices
I love food and I am a fairly competent cook. I once talked myself into whipping up a batch of cakes during my hour lunch break, which includes a ten to 15 minute drive each way, just to prove that it could easily be done.
I rarely buy ready made meals and, in the main, I think that my meals are healthy. That's what made this WOE something I could see as a long term solution to my weight management. I could choose to eat what I'd always done, only less of it. When I began, FD's always started with porridge no lunch. Dinner was lean meat and salad or vegetables.. A colleague has chosen to have porridge twice a day and others might choose ready meals or even shakes. It's all about finding what works for you.
Over time I have stopped having breakfast on my FD's and I save my daily calories for an evening meal. I have looked at my portion sizes (still haven't quite recovered from learning that 2 sausages was a portion) and I have attempted to limit the #snackfest moments.
I think I still have a way to go in terms of learning to understand and manage my cravings and bad habits but I am happy to continue to experiment.
Monday is my usual weigh in day and I am a pound down from last Monday (3 pounds heavier than my last time at my lightest weight (3 February)
I believe that this is most likely as a result of the carbs I ate yesterday. The food I ate during my morning cookery course was inevitably going to mess with my no snack plan and I couldn't resist the bread as I made my OH a bacon sandwich when I returned home.
A couple of people have already commented on my lists. I am interested in any observations/suggestions.
Have a great week everyone.

Weight 11.8 stone ( (+2 pounds) 
BMI 25.4 
BMR 1392 calories 
TDEE 1671 calories 
Snack Count – ONE (I ate the crusty end off a loaf of bread)
Black coffee (2) 
Peppermint and liquorice infusion (1) 
Red Berries tea (1) 
Sparkling water (1.5 litres) 
Coconut water (1) 
Regular water (2) 
Cider vinegar 1tspn 
English breakfast team with skimmed milk (2)
 Seed, nut and dried fruit 
Sweet chilli sauce 
Pickled ginger 
Salt and Chilli Squid 
Salt and Chilli courgette 
Edamame Beans in salt and lime 
Vegetable Ramen 
Peppered mackerel 
Roast potato 
Yorkshire Pudding 

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