Through the Fog

Wanted to go to Tate Modern to see the Fog this week but couldn't get there!  Decided to create my own while Mom and I were cleaning the black glass splashback behind the hob today.  Mom thought it was very funny and we had a good laugh together.  Treasured moments.  Much better than last Sunday when I couldn't get a smile out of her.  The extra shows her enjoying a game of scrabble.

April is National Poetry Writing Month.  How about joining AnnieMay, Igor and me in having a go at writing a poem a day to go with your blip?  2 or 3 lines to start with?  Give it a go and tag it NaPoWriMo.

April 2   Mother and Child
The hands that changed my nappy.
The arms that held me tight.
The breasts that fed and nurtured me,
In times so long ago.
The eyes that watched me playing
Piano, rounders, music, smimming hard.
The training every Saturday
Meant sitting by the pool.
So many years of love given
Selflessly, with pride, in me
Though I never knew
Nor understood those gifts.
And now, it’s time to give back
As much as I can in the time.
The time left to us which diminishes
As the memory recedes
And the body weakens
But for now, together,
Treasured moments of joy
While the sun glitters and
We glimpse through the fog
That surrounds us as
The love clings, unrelenting
For both.

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