End of the road

None of us surfaced (not even Louie, who'd been spark out since 7.00pm) until after 9.00am, and even then it was difficult to get going. MrM and I still seem to be suffering from some sort of post-virus malaise, methinks.

After a very late breakfast and a short walk by Haughhead ford, we went to check the caravan and then to put up a squirrel feeder and observation camera in the nearby woods. Home to a couple of chores (MrM put up the replacement security light, which seems to work - hooray!) and a lot of pottering and drinking tea.

Late in the afternoon it finally dawned that we really hadn't (understatement!) made the most of a lovely warm Spring day, so we packed a picnic and headed for the Ingram Valley, where we sat and had our sandwiches with a wonderful view, and enjoyed the last of the sun before it disappeared over the hill. Then a short walk with Louie by the River Breamish (extra), before MrM drove us to the end of the road for a view of the Cheviots (main Blip).

Home for a relaxing evening with Vera on TV and a wee dram...

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