Cracked and holed

This is my re-steam rice bowl.   It was made specially for me by a friend back in the late 1970s, when I mentioned that I couldn't find a deep enough bowl to be able to eat my cereal and milk breakfast in the car without it tipping over on the seat next to me.   Within a few weeks, she had made me this one.   Over the years it has cracked (but still held together), until last week, when I steamed rice and it was swimming in water.   That little hole under the waterline allowed the water to equalize really fast and then not get back out of the bowl.  I hate to just throw it away.  Perhaps I can use it in the garden.  
Can anyone think of any uses for a bowl with a hole  . . . ?

Spent part of the morning and all afternoon working in the garage, trying to get rid of things and organize the remainder.   We've let way too much pile up (literally).  G and I pushed each other for our holdouts, but the real problem was that it was too easy to become distracted from one category before we finished it.   Relocating all alike things together was another push.  And being realistic on projects getting done is hard.  We'll also have to follow through on the giveaways, one by one.  I'm tired and dirty, but at least we have started on the clean-up. Tomorrow is already a full day.

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