View from our Hotel - Burnsall

Today's blip something of a grabshot taken from our hotel in Burnsall this morning just before we left. Margaret and I were both anxious about the drive home as we had got some grit on the brakepad of the nearside back wheel of my car on your journey back to the hotel yesterday which meant that when I applied the brakes there was a horrible grinding sound. We had about 130 miles to drive home today which involved a range of different types of road conditions from single-track moreland roads to motorway. This all had to be accomplished with minimal use of the brakes. 

Fortunately we managed to avoid the grinding sound and arrived home safely so I am able to take the car to our usual garage later this week. I suspect it will involve not only the replacement of the brake pads but also of the disc involved ! On top of that we managed to get a parking fine from the short stay car park where we stopped for coffee in Richmond. The machine there was out of use and we were supposed to have crossed the road to another small car park a little way up the road to obtain a parking ticket but we did not notice this. Heigh ho tomorrow's another day !

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