Building Sn3 and N Worlds

By Stationmaster

Ready for the paint booth

Today I finished the tank. Whew. The bands are dry and I added the turn buckles that would have tightened the bands around the wooden tank staves. The spicket is not on as it is a nice metal right now and should not be painted. On the front frame that supports the spicket, you can see at the top the two holes that pierce the frame and tank for the chain/rope that will raise and lower the spicket. Also have roughed in the ladder so it can be painted as well.

The whole tank gets a brown/black base coat per the prototype, and then lots of weathering. The winter frost on the lower part of the tank made lots of white-ish stains on the sides.

Once painted I can add the circuits inside that will raise and lower the spicket as well as make all the right sounds. This was fun but one is enough! But the steamers in Dolores needed water!

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