And another one bites the dust. 
I suppose it was worth a try?
One of very few shops prepared to risk "Penrith New Squares".
They, most certainly, didn't move in with the opening of the squares.
"Penrith’s new shopping centre, New Squares opened in June 2013. The centre is anchored by a 55,000 sq ft Sainsbury’s foodstore and benefits from the town’s largest free car park."

I do not need a kitchen, I'm just a nosey old sod, I therefore looked them up.
Consequently, I entered a Penrith code; only to be told:-
"Whats happened?
If you think you mistyped your postcode….
Try again" 
For SHAME, where's your apostrophe?
I KNOW my bleeding Post code matey!
So I entered a Carlisle Code, same answer.
Badly designed search engine, but I found the nearest 2 are in Lancaster and York.
Who the hell is going to wander the country GUESSING at post codes until they find one which works.
They, further, do not appear to be "A Company" in the accepted sense.
"We have a growing network of over 70 family run kitchen showrooms across the UK, from Glasgow to Truro… "
"The quality of our product and our work, with tens of thousands of happy customers right across the UK since 1999 speaks for itself!!"

I'll have to publish & return, to see what happens to what I see as white on Black print.
Well it was either rectified or disappeared.

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