Mooooove along!

Today we met up with Mr PP's sister and bro-in-law near Exmouth for a very pleasant lunch in belated celebration of Mr PP's recent birthday. I was driving so that Mr PP could enjoy a beer with his lunch.

We were nearly home when we met a load of cows blocking the road. The landrover behind them, I eventually realised, wasn't driven by the farmer. It soon reversed and disappeared. Obviously, the cows were off exploring on their own, checking out if fields afar were greener. Meanwhile, more cars were arriving behind us.

At last a sensible woman from one of the queuing cars behind us got out and clapped her hands gently at the cattle. Then she spread her arms wide (to look bigger, I imagine) and the cows turned on their heels and trotted back whence they'd come, with her - arms still held wide - bringing up the rear. We cars began to follow at a distance and finally a tractor pulled out of a field and took over herding the stray cows towards a gate where another farmer (presumably their owner) ensured their return to safety.

The photo's not very clear cos I took it through the front windscreen, which is pretty grubby except for where the wipers have cleaned it. I've converted it to black and white to make the light contrast less strange-looking, but it seemed a shame to waste the blue sky! (I've added a little colour vignette as an Extra.)

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