Our Garden

Our garden's small, as gardens go,
barely more than a patio,
some tubs, a pond, a bank of trees,
but that's enough to lure the bees
and song-filled birds and butterflies,
spiders, snails - nothing dies;
roses, lilacs, self-set seeds:
all grow tall (including weeds).
As gardens go, our garden's small,
but colour fills it wall to wall.

© Celia Warren 2017

Was so pleased to discover that the one surviving fritillary that came originally from my late parents' Lincolnshire garden has not only survived another winter, but produced two snakeshead flowers instead of its usual one. 

Also pleased to see lots of buds on my new-last-autumn hellebore, peeping over the primroses. I've used a clump of polyanthus to create a border to these other flowers. It's so lovely to have warm sunshine today.

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