John Van de Graaff

By VandeGraaff

Colorful Pipes (Dublin)

A small part of a sprawling project in central Dublin to connect the city's two tram lines. Dubliners probably feel it has been going on for an eternity; it was already well underway last July when our recent visits began (stimulated by Aer Lingus's new flight to Hartford CT, near us). This image is opposite our current hotel on O'Connell Street, a good kilometer from mid-downtown. 

We had returned from a visit to the National Gallery of Ireland, for an excellent show entitled "Beyond Caravaggio", on the master and his followers,  entirely drawn from British and Irish collections.  The 40-odd works include all four available Caravaggios, as well as many loans from regional galleries and private collections. Very well-chosen and beautifully hung, in spacious galleries. Coming from the NG London, the show goes to Edinburgh after closing here on 14 May--see it if you possibly can!

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