Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


These legs are used to walking 5-10+ miles every day,  or biking that and more.    Friend/blipper Mike broke her ankle 11 days ago so is now crutching around or staying home.   Not easy for her.   But at least she can still play the cello (and her phone.)  And the good part is that hubby has recovered enough from his disc injury so so he can now drive.   2 months ago they would have been in bigger trouble.   Hoping it will heal quickly so those legs can get going again!

For the weekly blip challenge- “legs”.  Used the “portrait" camera on my new iPhone 7+ but that wasn’t enough with this busyness so this is messed with on the computer and not a good example of what the phone can do with that  , but then it’s not exactly a “portrait” either.   (Yes, I'm having fun with it!  :-) )

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