Lost Days

After a day of travel on Monday, I woke up Tuesday feeling very tired, but as the morning progressed I began to realize that I was coming down with something - which was quickly followed by all the unpleasantness associated with a gastrointestinal virus.  In between spending time with the porcelain, I have slept.  Finally this evening I have been able to eat something substantial and feel like I am joining the living again. Between napping this afternoon, I did manage to get the bird feeders refilled and capture a few shots. This male cardinal seems to be saying “It's about damn time!!"

Now I am in panic mode, because I have so much laundry to do, after two weeks away, before I leave Saturday morning for a week in NY.  Husband has me scheduled for events tomorrow evening and the next, so I am hoping I will wake up tomorrow with loads of energy and enthusiasm.  

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