Feeding the Horses

Miss E and her friends finally went to sleep at about 1am last night. They weren't loud and naughty at all just awake!!
I had a terrible night with a cold - the usual aches and shakes and deliriousness that I get. I couldn't sleep, couldn't stay awake, couldn't lie down, couldn't sit up. Uuuugghhhhh!!!!!
It didn't help matters that the hundreds of children in the house were up and about by 7am.
Miss E had bought a holiday multipack of Kellogg's cereal and they sorted themselves out for breakfast. Being self sufficient is a wonderful trait in a child!!
Miss M's dad came to get her quite early as he'd been fishing overnight nearby. She was obviously tired bless her!
Miss E was so sad to see her go!
Once I had managed to drag myself out of bed and eat a bowl of porridge it was time to go for a walk. Miss E wanted to take Miss A across the the fields to the woods and the pub for lunch.
We had a fabulous walk with much tree climbing, stream crossing and snakes and ladders playing! (See extras)
We had chips and lemonade at the pub - always a nutritious lunch! and then set off home. We had to hurry as we only had fifteen minutes to get home before Mrs F was coming to pick up Miss A. Due to my painful ankle following last week's ridiculous falling over while throwing a stick incident sports injury, I couldn't walk very fast so I suggested Mr K go ahead with Miss E and Miss A, leaving me and Miss L to follow along behind at our own pace. This would have been fine except for Archie who didn't like us being separated and kept running back and forth between us! He wore himself out and Mr K couldn't actually go across the road and home because I had the lead! Eventually we caught up and all got home at the same time!
When Miss A had gone Miss E took herself up to her room saying she needed some time to herself and a rest. Bless her!! She sat in bed listening to Harry Potter for most of the afternoon. 
When I went to check on her she said she was fine, just thinking about her sleepover and how much she'd enjoyed it!

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