... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Day 31: Bee-Fly on Forget-Me-Nots

Flapping more frantically in large.

I really wanted to blip all of my shortlist of 5 photos today:
Hoverfly on forget-me-nots (best bokeh)
Tree bumble bee on forget-me-nots (most oriental)
Bee-fly on forget-me-nots (most different)
Honey bee on forget-me-nots (most details and fuzzy)

You can see that I had fun by (/didn't explore further than) the forget-me-nots; in my defence, the sun was out, and they were simply the most bustling part of the most colourful bed within 50m of the ward...

The others are all on Flickr (right from this purple pansy).

p.s. OH, this is apparently a significant blip: my total has gradually ticked up to 1825 daily blips. 5 years of consecutive shots? I didn't anticipate that when I started... Well, in that case, I make no apology for wanting to blip all 5 pictures.

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