Where's BikerBear .......

 ........... Now??  (WBBN)

Day 20/20 .............

Yep - right first time - I'm at HOME for Whisper Wednesday and to reunite with Himself (who says he's sick of being a bachelor!!  He must be getting old!)

The end (finally, for you) of the current WBBN.  Now you can breathe.

Mister Whisper has his new toy from the good ole US of A - a grunting (not squeaking) hedgehog (now known as hodgepig) ..... weird because I don't think there are any hedgehogs in the States!!
He loves it - much mouthing and squashing to make it grunt - it is a lot less annoying than a loud, high-pitched squeak!!

I'm very much behind with blipping - Wednesday's blip on Thursday evening ...... sorry ......... however all my laundry is done which is a miracle for me - the grass is cut and all is calm in the BB household.

I'm "jaunting" (WBBN quizzy thing starting then) again in four weeks so have to keep on top of things!!
I also have a "mission" tomorrow and one on Tuesday - definitely no rest for the wicked!!

FlowerFriday7 this week ...... I still have hearts and HMs to sprinkle for last week - aaaargh!!!  I WILL get there - promise.

~ Anni ~

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