Abstract swirls

Thursday 6th April 2017        (backblip)

My effort for Abstract Thursday (#AT93) ....... a 'free' theme as it is the first Thursday of the month ...... thanks to Ingeborg for hosting :-)

Saga continued:

After the phone call on Tuesday & my brother's visit on Wednesday ...... things have been ominously quiet ...... we've heard nothing from Mum! The day was spent trying to work out the best way to approach this when I visit next week ...... the problem is we are struggling to come up with any solution ..... still we have a few days in which to come up with something!

I did speak to the manager to see how Mum was after the big row yesterday ..... to be told she was acting as if the last 2 days hadn't happened??!!!!

The problem is this probably means she is coming up with a different solution ..... no doubt we will get to hear what before long!

To be continued!

Thanks so much for dropping by :-)

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