Double drone excitement

I mentioned to Richard that James had won a drone, and he mentioned to me that he'd found one...a few years ago (Jan 2013) his garden...and he gave it to me!

James found the right hardware/software charged it up, discovered a camera and uploaded the footage from it.  With every new technical problem solved it felt like we were unfolding a proper mystery.  We have photographs of the man, his wife and his child and then footage of Withersfield from the sky, a storm and a crash.  The photo of the man is the extra.

But why?

My instinct was to think someone had lost their drone, Richard's was to think that someone was up to no good flying it at night over his property, and I can see why.

What would YOU think if you found this drone in your garden?

Very dark footage of the drone view before the crash here.


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