Dinner Dilema

Hello Blipfriends!
A very happy Dolly here!!

I live a pretty exciting life most of the time. Lots of adventures with my mum. But some days are just completely boring. And then there are days that are mostly boring but then something really exciting happens!! Today was one of THOSE days!

Mum is still recovering from her chest infection. It's a S L O W recovery! She's up and dressed but is feeling mostly BLAH. Some time was spent at the desk (boring) but not with much enthusiasm. Then suddenly she realised it was dinner time and she hadn't really given ANY thought to what we were going to eat. So she was digging around in the fridge trying to come up with some inspiration and she'd just told me that it was probably going to be scrambled egg on toast. A bit of an emergency meal, but one we both like.

And THEN we heard some unusual noises outside so Mum went to investigate.

Oh!! LOOK, Dolly!! It's a Fish & Chip van! We got a flyer about that - a new service every Tuesday evening in our little neighbourhood! I'd forgotten about it! I think our dinner dilemma has just been solved!

I was SUPER excited! I LOVE Fish & Chips! We ate in the garden and I got lots of the fish (but no batter) and a few small pieces of chips. I didn't get any of the mushy peas - I'm not sure why - I love peas too! Anyway - the whole thing was BRILLIANT!

Mum? Can we have Fish & Chips EVERY Tuesday??

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