It was a slow start today - as most days seem to be right now! I did make it down to the village and bought some Easter presents for my two great-nieces, as well as some salad and a rotisserie chicken for dinner. That's about all I got done! It's been just about warm enough to have our dinners in the garden which is so lovely at this time of year. Dolly was VERY happy with the chicken! She loves it almost as much as the Fish & Chips we had yesterday.

Once the clocks change it starts being possible to do our evening walk AFTER an early dinner, which we quite like. Tonight we were treated to some beautiful colours! I do love a good sunset and it's always welcome when there's not been much else to blip!

The rest of the evening didn't go so well. I popped over to see the neighbours across the road and tripped and fell in front of their house. I fell pretty badly and have a large and painful graze on my shin and another two on my knee and my ankle. You should be thankful I took the sunset pictures otherwise I may have had to blip the injury! I think I'm a little young for a Zimmer frame! Or maybe I just shouldn't be let out after dark!

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