Ready For The Beach!

I bought this beach shelter a couple of weeks ago and today was the first day dry enough to try it out in the garden. It has the same type of pole system as my favourite sleeping tent (both made by Coleman) and I love this one just as well! It uses what some call a ‘spider pole mechanism’ - the poles join to a hub like the legs of a spider. They stay attached to the material, telescope out, and lock in place. It does exactly what it says on the tin - it takes about a minute to put it up, and more importantly, a mere minute to pack away again. Forget the rubbish pop-up tents that are a nightmare to put away!

I actually bought this to use with the campervan on a campsite. This kind of thing is handy to have as a little storage tent - for chairs and table or other things that I might want to get out of the van to make space. Some campsites actually require you to leave something like this when you drive away for an outing - to ‘mark your spot’.

Problem is - if I go off to the beach I won’t want to leave this behind! Yikes! Do I need to buy two of them??

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