Qu'est-ce que je fais ?

By waitingforgodot

St. Mary's Square Garage

I met up with an acquaintance I've not seen in probably seven years. I met him when we were part of a group photo exhibition shortly after I moved here, but our relationship since then has been limited to social media, and minimally at that.

He recently had come across some expired film at his grandfather's place (if I recall correctly), and had offered the last roll to me. It's 35mm, which I don't shoot very often, but I agreed to take it anyway, as I only shoot expired film. It has an expiration date of 1984, and an ASA/ISO of 80, so it will require some serious overexposure if I'm to get any decent density on the negative. We'll see.

He works downtown, so we met about halfway from his office to my place, and then we walked back to where he worked as we chatted, mostly about his recent trip to Vietnam. After parting, I headed up California Street, hoping to take some photos, as well as to get a little cardio (California Street makes a fairly steep rise to the peak of Knob Hill).

I amused myself with the play on words of St. Mary's Square Garage. It is, in fact, more rectangular than square. Of course, I've cropped to a square.

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