(as suggested by BlipCommunity.) Well, actually it's more WhatsInMyGlass at breakfast.  It's also not particularly Swedish, though I first came across (commercial) kefir in Sweden, and back in the 80's the kefir "grains" were already circulating here, though I never saw them.
My grains came to me in Portugal last year, and I have spread them to about 10 other people in Britain and Sweden.
For those of you not familiar with the fermented milk culture that is kefir what you see here are...
...the grains in the colander. They will shortly be tipped back into the empty glass jar, which will be filled with fresh milk and left out in the kitchen, so there is more kefir tomorrow.
...Under the colander is the actual fermented milk, the kefir. That will be tipped into the tall plastic jug, together with some frozen mango and frozen raspberries. The mix will be then be whizzed into a sort of smoothie, which will be poured into glasses and drunk.
Well, I eat it because I love the slightly sour taste, just as it is.
I also like to add fruit and turn it into a smoothie, as here. It's not so different to commercial fruit yoghurt but I know exactly what has gone (and not gone) into it. Often I'm using berries from the forest that I picked last autumn.
Kefir contains many healthy bacteria and yeasts so it perks up the gut biome. The BBC program "Trust me I'm a doctor" found kefir actually did change the gut biome in an impressive and healthy manner.
Because it's produced by a live culture the kefir varies from day to day. I really like this variation, perhaps because you never find it "normal" commercial products.
So, kefir is one element of our daily breakfast!

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