Nature Delivers a Delicate Sculpture

The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the forecast said it would be raining by evening. So we ate a quick breakfast and were out much earlier than usual, and headed for the coast.
Our first stop was the Pilot's Cottage (Lotsstugan) on top of a cliff with a fine view up the coast. There's an extra of this view, showing some ice collecting in the current there, but the open sea was mostly... open!
Then we drove on to the beach at Smitingen (extra 2). It is still covered in thigh deep snow, as you find out if you are courteous enough to step off the hard-packed snow to let someone pass. Now how do I know that?
Small pieces of ice were drifting in, most of them just lumps, but a few were beautifully formed. This was perhaps the lovliest at the moment I was there, but it is as fragile as it looks so half-an-hour later it was gone.
At the far end of the beach we sat on a sun-warmed rock and drank our coffee, while we watched families and groups of kids enjoying themselves outside. (See HarlingDarling's blip for more info about that.)
Communication doesn't always work, as HD explained to me that when I said "I've got the coffee" she thought I meant I had the coffee, the biscuits, and the insulating sit-mats. Unfortunately I didn't, so there were no biscuits and we had to sit on our gloves to relieve the hardness of the rock! Next time...

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