Keith B

By keibr

Up the Hill

We went on a walk today because it was just too sunny to stay indoors. Yesterday's rain had turned to snow sometime in the night and that gave the world a very fresh, clean look. Appearances can be deceptive though and despite the blue sky and sun, temperatures had dropped to below freezing and it was really windy.  Fortunately we'd realised that before setting out so we were well wrapped up.
This picture shows the final stretch up to the first house in our village. It's a steep uphill plod (three quarters of the hill is behind us in this picture) on foot or on a bike.
We do live in a lovely place!
The extra shows tracks in the snow.
On the left - domestic cat
On the right - squirrel
Centre - I think domestic cat again. They like to put their feet down in their own tracks.

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