Having not made it out of our jim-jams yesterday it was a bit of a shock to the system to get out of the house to dog training at 9.30am!
We made it - with a fair bit of shouting and slamming of doors!!
The Little Misses haven't come to dog training for ages and they LOVED being back. Archie was very well behaved and as usual did much better with them than he did with me! Out of the five dogs there he was the only one that managed to stay where he was left for a full minute. Miss E was giddy that she'd done better than all the grown ups!!
Then it was home for more holiday lazing about. A bit of TV, a bit of iPad action, a lot of trampolining, some Wii action, some Harry Potter listening, drawing, rollerskating and Uno playing. All punctuated by lots of eating!!
I went to Fat Club tonight for the first time in a month. Only half a pound on which was pretty miraculous really!!
I had planned to do a big food shop on my way home. The cupboards are completely bare and I want to get back on track with some healthier eating. Unfortunately during Fat Club I started to feel really ropey again so after dropping my mum off at home I headed to Tescos just for some bare essentials and then came home to take myself off to bed.
This bloody lurgy is hanging about :-(

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