Getting Wet

We had a fairly disastrous outing to Stowe today!
It was good to get out of the house though and lovely to see Mrs C and the boys.
The forecast was for showers but as we're usually pretty lucky with the weather we decided to go anyway.
As soon as we got out of the car the heavens opened and it poured down. We waited for it to pass in the cafe and passed the time by drinking tea and eating cake. Annoying as we'd had lunch just before we left!
When it stopped we got the buggy down to the gardens . Miss E had bought herself a football in the shop and there was just time for a quick kickabout with the boys before the drizzle started..
And enough time for Miss L to feel upset about being left out, and for Miss E to be mean saying she didn't know how to play football, and for poorly Mrs C to get impatient with Mr C who was bawling about having to walk in the rain when he wasn't feeling well either.
Mrs C decided to head home and I stupidly decided to carry on round the Secret Garden with the Little Misses.
When we got there it started pouring. Proper torrential rain! We sheltered under a tree as best we could until it stopped a bit.
It didn't really stop but I got bored of waiting under a tree so we headed back. Through the mud and the puddles and the rain. Yuck.
It eventually stopped just as we got to the gates. I was all set to walk back up but the lazy Little Misses insisted on waiting for the buggy and I couldn't   be bothered arguing with them.
Miss L told me she didn't want me to sit with them when we set off and Miss E told me what a rubbish day it had been when we got to the top.
What a happy little family we made trudging back to the car. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!
I banished them to their rooms when we got in. So I could dry out in peace and watch something on TV other than Paw Patrol  and Ever After High.
We all tidied the living room before bed. I tried a new approach and was pleased with the results: Anything of theirs left in the living room once they'd gone to bed was going in a bin bag and straight to the charity shop in the morning. 
Their rooms now look even more like several bombs have gone off in them but at least the living room is tidy!

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