Gloucester Docks

First of all, apologies for the dreadful attempt at a rhyming poem today!  Much too difficult and no time to work on it!

This morning we went to Gloucester to pick up my new macro lens!  I did sell one of my older ones to part fund it, but of course, I didn't get away with just buying a lens!

We went for a lovely stroll around the docks in the sunshine and found breakfast - we had an early start!  The light was beautiful and there were some very attractive boats around.

It's turned into an expensive day one way or another.  The printer died yesterday so we invested in a new one, and I saw an unmissable bargain in the form of a laptop for a present for a special person...

The extra is my very first shot with my new lens - straight out of the camera.  I like it.  I look forward to practising using it.

April 8            Gloucester
A Blipper went to Gloucester
All on a sunny day.
She went to spend some money
And it had to be today.
The camera was in great need
And so she had to pay
For a brand new macro lens
Which is very much ok.
A walk around the docks
Was a pleasure in the sun.
Poached eggs and coffee by the water
Was such a lot of fun.
The little lens came into its own
As round the docks they run
To get as many shots in

(That’s really not a pun)!

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