Macros and Laughter

A busy day started at 7 am with the Grand Prix and cushion cover making and went through various stages of chaos.  Maybe you will get some of he feel of that in today's poem!  My sister loved her cushion covers and laptop.

I had a bit of practice with the macro lens today and it's proving interesting in the focussing department.  Also, I can't find out how to get manual focus.  It's the Olympus 60mm f2.8. Advice anyone?

Hope you like my bluebells, I hope to get better!

The extra is part of the chaos and laughter of the afternoon with my Mom, My sister and SHH all putting the world to rights - in a fashion!

April 9            Laughter
The laughter of chaos
The chaos continues, but the laughter warms
The heart.
The chaos of deafness.
The chaos of dementia.
The chaos of  new email addresses.
The laughter at things going wrong.
The laughter of frustration.
The laughter in the chaos
Of cushion cover making,
Setting up a printer,
Setting up a laptop.
Where to start?
Where to finish.
“I think I’m in Cambodia”
“What happened to my wardrobe?”
“When did my mother die?
The chaos of confusion.

And the laughter that somehow makes it right.

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