I like stories behind photos. This is Blip number 1500, so this is story number 1500.  I thought I would manage 100 if i was lucky!

Firstly, thank you all for your advice on how to sort out my manual focus.  You were all marvellous.  I was really pleased with Olympus customer service, who actually sent me the answer in 3 short sentences within 12 hours of me asking for their help.  So here is a mono macro on manual focus.

This is the top of the wall at the top of my dad's drive.  He is 86 and has a tendency to reverse into things in the car.  He painted this bit of wall white a few weeks ago...  He bought himself an iMac computer yesterday...  SHH spent time this afternoon helping him set it up.  He wants to practise Unix on it...  Don't ask.

Corner is the theme for Monomonday today.

Oh yes - how about a few more of you having a go at writing a poem for National Poetry Writing Month?  I'm sure Chantler63 could get the grandchildren helping out.

April 10  The Corner
Meet me on the corner
When the lights are low.
Meet me on the corner
When the fog obscures all.
Meet me on the corner
When we no longer know
The why and the wherefore of long ago.
See the corner glinting
In the lights of the car.
See the corner glinting
As you approach it in the dark.
See the corner glinting
As it scrapes along the side
When you can’t see so clearly
As you struggle still to drive.
Meet me at the corner
As we go our separate ways.
Meet me at the corner
As life beckons us forward.
Meet me at the corner
And decide which way to go.
Forwards? Backwards? Upward?
Together in the past and now  and then…
See the corner approaching
The bricks are strong and clear.
See the corner shining
The bricks are strong and rough.
See the corner in the distance
And peer around it to the unknown.
A world of exciting possibilities
For some a world of fear.
The corner is a meeting point.
A place where decisions are made.
To come, or go,
To act, or wait,
To think, to shout,
To whisper words of love.
Meet me on the corner…

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