Going on a Bug Search

I wanted to practise my MANUAL FOCUS (YAAAYYY!) for Tiny Tuesday so, inspired by so many bug blips, we went on a bug search.  Had a little laugh over what a home for bugs might be.  We decided it must be a buggery...  (Sorry!)  Anyway, we couldn't find any of those either!

Many thanks for all your comments on my 1500th blip (In the words of the vicar, "That's probably one of the most uninspiring shots you've ever taken." Thanks, vicar!  I actually quite liked the textures of the brick....

Looking forward to the first ever blip meet on a segway tomorrow!

April 11   Bug search – For Tiny Tuesday
We’re going on a bug search
To see what we can find.
We’re going on a bug search
To find what we can see.
Come on bugs,
Where are you?
The sun is shining bright.
The air is warm
The flowers are there
But bugs?
There’s only one.
He waited until I’d given up
On even seeing one
And there he was
In the bright buttercup flower
Just one,
A tiny one.

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