Let's do it!

I've become a bit of a "Let's do it!" person these days, although I do draw the line at some scary things!  So when I saw the advert for segway tours at Compton Verney, we just had to go!  And other Blippers agreed with me!

We've had a really fun day, inspite of the chill in the air, and we all conquered our nerves and fear of falling off without the doctor around!  The most tricky thing for me was stopping and getting off, but I managed to sort it out eventually.  There were five segwayers and three photographers so there are some good shots out there of the day.  Thank you Technophobe, Igor, AnnieMay, SHH, JohnRH, BlackTulip and StevenG for your company and laughter today. 

My main shot is a view across the Lake taken this morning and the extra is Igor and SHH on their training run, being watched carefully for technique by Technophobe and AnnieMay.

Some of us are fancying go-karting next...

April 12    Let’s do it
Girls do it.  Boys do it.
People around the world do it.
Let’s do it.
Let’s Segway now!
Bliippers do it, Hangers on do it,
People with cameras watch them do it.
Let’s do it.
Let’s Segway now!
We did it!  All five us did it!
Three Blippers blipped us doing it.
We did it.
Let’s do it again!

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