Mount Fuji

Today we have circled Mount Fuji and seen her in many guises, but I am in search of the perfect shot and it looks that it is going to be unlikely that I will get it as the weather for tomorrow is not forecast to be very amenable.

So I hope you like this shot of Mount Fuji in the distance above Hakone.

A lovely hotel with a wonderful hot tub.  There's something incredibly spiritual about sitting in a hot tub having thoroughly cleansed oneself, under the stars and a blossom tree as pink and shiny as the day one was born...

One of the extras is for Chantler63 as she seems to like white eggs.  The other is of the blossom which is much more prolific up here in the mountains.

And then there is my poem.

Mount Fuji.  My Mother
Out of the greyness, her ghostliness appears.
Teasing me.  Enticing me.  I’m here.
Loudly. Blaring. Then gone.
Round the corner out into the greyness
With only the snowy whiteness shining in the fading sunlight
Across the Lake.
Still calling me.
I’m here.
All you have to do is reach out to me.
Cross over to the other side.
I’m here.  I’m here…
Missed.  Mist. Miss…
In the greyness of life
The longing lingers
For the wonder and the mystery
There and Gone.
The mountain whispers gently.
Come to me.
I am with you…  Always.
Missed.  Missing.
The story goes on.

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