The Wren

By TheWren

Get the waterproofs out...

It has been a very autumnal day with blustery wind, sunshine and a definite chill in the air. I was on my way back from Perth having accomplished a lot of tasks - getting petrol, stocking up on doggy biscuits, buying wadding for the quilt and indulging in a cuppa and scone in the garden centre while I chose some bulbs to plant for next year.

On my way home I noticed the rain coming in over the hills to my right and it was so frustrating as there was a car right behind me! Eventually I was able to pull in and take the blip as I thought the dark sky and hills contrasted well with the field. I also seem to have managed to capture a large passing bird! The shower when it came was heavy but it has now passed and the evening has settled in nicely.

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