A visit to the Estuary.

Daughter, son-in-law and I made a visit to the Estuary for a walk this morning. It was a superb day and the tide was almost right in.

We watched distant skydivers floating down, their canopies bright splashes against the blue sky and saw various birds - sadly also distant.

Almost back to the car, Son in law spotted a shag surfacing with an eel  as long and as fat as my arm, writhing in its beak. We watched in amazement as the shag tried to deal with it, eventually managing to  flip the eel over and into its beak which it promptly clamped shut. That poor eel must have struggled all the way down as the shag swam around in circles with its neck extended to the full extent, head to the sky and thrashing in the water.  It wasn't close enough to photograph unfortunately.

We were almost back to the car when I realised I hadn't taken a photograph so it was a quick capture from beside the car park area.

As I suspected, I haven't found time to comment on more than a couple of blips - but have looked at them all which  is much more important.

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