By tookie

Backlit Tiny Leaves

Golden is the light
That dances through the green veins
Light Energizes

Getting ready today to travel to Portland early thursday...taking the hooligans to "camp" Wed. afternoon so we can leave early the next day and not have to make the trip out to the boarding place too.  It's out in the country and adds quite a bit of time to our trip.  Sometimes the drive to Portland is what you'd think--about three or so hours, but with our horrific PNW urban traffic anymore, we sometimes end up on a six hour journey.  We're hoping for the best as we can then pick up Z from his daycare and spend some fun time with him .  :)  Then Sunday bunny and egg times and M's first birthday celebration...cherished family times I'm soooo looking forward too.
     I called to check on my friend Barb this morning...she said she was crabby and apologized...but she wasn't ...she was just depressed and I told her that is so understandable given her circumstances.  I encouraged her to keep up hope and congratulated her on moving her legs on the cycle there and walking between some balance poles a wee bit.  Every bit of movement helps.  It's a tough road for her as for so many older folks trapped in our health care system which is wholly inadequate.  My best friends husband was rushed again to emergency last night and is there again today...sigh.  But today the sun shines a bit and we head to our precious Portland family very soon....excited:)

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