Chocolate is the answer :-)

It feels a bit weird, this 1500th Blip milestone, as it's just 40 Blips after the 4th BlipDay ! How did I get here? I saw fellow OU-ers Nigel, Sarah and Judith blipping for years and thought I'd like that too.

How did I get to 1500 consecutive Blips?
By capturing lots of flowers, baking and capturing lots of food, mostly cake, by a bit of luck and obviously with the help of lots of chocolate ;-) Thanks go to all Blippers who visit my journal, leave lovely comments, stars and hearts, even when I'm the worst commentator ever myself !
Onwards to the next Blip milestone it is then ....

Don't forget tomorrow is Abstract Thursday, tag AT94, optional theme 'ICM' (Intentional Camera Movement)

PS Thanks so much for your kind reactions and support yesterday, the scan went fine, it's to do with the university hospital research I'm a guinea pig for.

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