Very Windy at the Beach

It looks nicer in this photo than it really was at the beach; I was almost blown over and those blue skies were scarce and fleeting. 
Notice the log balancing on a another log; the Oregon coastline is littered with logs and wood debris. Forests line our rivers, trees uproot falling into a river, a river flows into the ocean taking the logs with it, waterlogged logs float to shore, high tide moves the logs onto the beach and leave them in odd positions like this one balanced so precariously. 
The water is so powerful that it can pick up and roll a tree over; a week ago a teenager on Spring Break was killed when a big log she was standing on was rolled over by a sneaker wave and it landed on top of her. The group with her couldn't lift it off and she was crushed. Very sad.  We tell all the children not to stand on logs near the water; I have seen the strength of the ocean when a wave easily lifted and moved a log that was about 36" in diameter and 20 feet long, amazing sight! 
Our beaches are beautiful but never turn your back to the ocean.... sneaker waves are common and the water is cold.

Sorry this got long.....sometimes I get carried away with my words....but no time to go back and edit.  Hope you are doing well and enjoying your day at a time.  See you tomorrow.

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