It's always sunny above the clouds pt II

My room-mate had been meditating when I went to go to bed so rather than disturb him I stayed up a bit later. When I came back to the room I discovered that all of the hot water had been used so I would shower in the morning instead.

Up horrifically early, showered and out in perfect time for the taxi who got me to the bus station in time to pick up my reserved seat. All was going well and I was intrigued to go through the new tunnels that have been under construction for at least the last five years. It was really strange popping up in unfamiliar scenery having known every inch of this route intimately for so long.

And then the bus broke down. Some people became anxious about missing this or that but it didn't bother me in the slightest. Standing in the sunshine in a lay-by complete with perfectly acceptable loos while the rest of the world whizzed by was just fine. Clouds of thistle-down were blowing around and gathering in clumps and I was happily taking photographs. As far as I was concerned this was an adventure, something different from the usual routine and I embraced it. I only wished I had had some breakfast or picked up a bottle of water. Had we not been stopped here I would never have got this picture of Judas trees, something I have been hoping to capture from my balcony at home for a few weeks now.

Finally a replacement bus arrived. It was a much smarter and more comfortable bus than the one we had begun our journey in and we were still earlier than I would have been had there been seats available on the 11am bus, plus I had had an adventure. Win/win.

At Volos I exchanged my Thursday boat ticket for a Wednesday boat ticket and still had time to visit my favourite shop for a goodly dose of unusual clothing.

So now I am holidayed, suited and booted and ready to get stuck in to hosting for the summer :-)

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