Selfies from the Brink

By Markus_Hediger

Remembering a Dream

First of all, I want to thank you all for the wishes and prayers for my Mom. She was sent home after the MRI didn't show any anomaly. The only thing they detected were very low levels of blood sodium that can lead to confusion. But doctors are taking this very seriously and will investigate further after the Easter holidays.

Today's blip:
A few months ago our daughter began to be afraid of going to sleep because of the nightmares that would assault her almost every night. It was a difficult time for her. Thankfully, things are much better now. But from time to time she'll still wakes up in the middle of the night because of the stories her mind tells her while she's asleep. When this happens, first thing she does in the morning is tell us her dream. 
This blip shows her peeping through the window of her mind into the dream she had last night. It combines EP1 (exposure), EP2 (image overlay) and EP4 (pinhole). I used one of Isabella's pinhole shots (the original is here) and another long exposure pinhole photo of her coming down the stairs. 

Talking about pinholes: I received an e-mail from HOLGA thanking me for the surge in sales of pinhole lenses they have been experiencing these days. They sold something between 5 to 10 lenses in only two weeks and were able to identify our challenge as the cause for this.
I am kidding, of course. But it is true that some of you have put a great deal of effort into this pinhole challenge. It was exciting to observe the progress some of you have been making with self-made pinhole lenses. DHThomas, for example, has achieved incredible results with his pinhole lens. I'm thrilled to see that one or the other seems to have become addicted to pinhole photography :-)

I will be spending a lot of time today getting everything ready for tomorrow's new EP-challenge. I admit that the pinhole challenge was of limited appeal and something for hardcore fans. Tomorrow's challenge will be much more accessible and will not involve any additional equipment.

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