Selfies from the Brink

By Markus_Hediger

Sunrise With Clouds

(First picture taken with my new Holga pinhole lens. I'm loving it.)

Yesterday, I had to take my car to the nearest authorized dealer in a town two hours away from here. There were some minor issues that had to be taken care of before they developed into a bigger problem. While they worked on the car, I took a bus to Porto Seguro, one of the first Portuguese settlements on Brazilian soil. It's also were the nearest immigration office is, were I renewed my Brazilian "greencard" that had expired a few days earlier. Everything went well until my phone rang. It was my Dad telling me that my Mom had to be taken to hospital after starting to talk nonsense while in physiotherapy. She was immediately taken to the Intense Care Unit. I could hear through the phone that my Dad was crying. 
First tests didn't reveal anything serious. I talked to her on the phone this morning, and she seemed fine, though she says she can't remember anything from her therapy-session. Today, she will get an MRI. Hopefully they discover what happened to her.
Yesterday, my Dad said that we might have to cancel our trip to the Amazon. I told him that Mom's well-being must be our priority and that he shouldn't worry about the trip. Nothing defined or decided yet.

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