Georgian Splendour

Had a little trip out to Leamington Spa today.  This was a bit of an unplanned excursion, but those of you who know Leamington well, will know that London Camera Exchange is just round the corner from here and that they sometimes have absolutely unmissable bargains in second hand lenses, just ideal for a little trip abroad...  I was looking forward to trying my "new" 14-150  out a bit more than this shot, but it started to rain soon after and hasn't stopped since.

We have also been rather occupied with trying to fit all our "stuff"  into one suitcase...

April 14  Normal Service
Not sure about normal service
For when you’re away from home
It can get a little difficult
To find a place to go
To do the normal Blipping
For wifi isn’t always there
But you can be assured
That Where we can
We will.
The comments may not flow as free.
The hearts may go ungiven
But we will try as best we can
To fit in one or two!

Normal Service will be resumed as soon as possible.

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