By Veronica

Pinhole #2: Flower Friday

At the market on Wednesday, I bought two bunches of ranunculus from the Cheap Flower Lady. I know they are cheap because they are already fully open when you buy them so they only last a few days, in fact the petals were already falling off when I got them home, but being a blipper I'm happy to have bedraggled flowers to play with. I took a few "normal" photos and then played with my pinhole body cap again. I liked the Old-Mastery still life look of this. Hard thought it may be to believe, this was brightly lit with my daylight desk lamp from the front, to compensate for window light from behind.

Yesterday evening we went to the opening night of the newly revamped Muso. The grumpy Irish couple gave up the unequal struggle at the end of last season, and it's now been taken over by some actual French people for the first time in many years, and renamed O-Mazette. Result, the clientele was about 80% French as opposed to 99% anglophone. It's billed as a lounge/tapas bar/restaurant, a rather urban concept -- will be interesting to see if it works in this rural area. 

We decided to try the restaurant offerings. Luckily we only ordered one starter between us as the mains were absolutely massive. I ordered the house hamburger and got two admittedly small beef patties in two enormous buns, half of which I discarded immediately. Plus chips and salad. S had a whole duck breast plus a large amount of rice. No room for dessert, we just had coffee. It was fine, but a bit expensive; I don't think it's going to knock everyone's favourite local pizzeria off its perch. They have a nice wine list, and I expect we'll be back to try the tapas anyway.

And now just back from French book group at which we discussed a book that only four of us had actually read. It was the Icelandic tome which I found a bit daunting to start with, but ended up  enjoying it very much -- in fact I've now ordered volume 2 to find out what happens next. I can't really recommend it widely, because it hasn't been translated into English. 

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