George and the Barn Owl

I slept most of the night for the first time in ages, and didn't wake up until late (well, late for me). I thought that would have done me the world of good, however when I got up I'd gone back a few days and felt awful for most of the day, with a splitting headache.
C took the boys for a walk, and when he returned at about 3:30 we decided to have a quick outing to Mary Arden's Farm (Shakespeare's mother's place) so that I could get some fresh air. There's always something interesting going on there and it's only about 3 miles away.
This chap we have seen many times with his raptors. As it was late (by now 4 o'clock and they close at 5) and he'd probably already done several displays over the day,  he just did a half-hour session in the barn with a young (8 month) barn owl. He was demonstrating how young boys would be trained  as falconers, and as there was no young boy in the audience, he chose this little girl, and called her "George". She had great fun, and ten minutes that I doubt she'll ever forget, and received a big applause at the end.  
It was quite dark in the barn so I had to up the ISO quite a bit. 

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