By angellightphoto

this little fly needs some help

...a full day out today as we took our visitors to Portofino. We chose to do our usual and parked the car in Santa Margherita, from where we took the coast path direct to Portofino and returned via the mountain paths. We had fabulous weather with sunshine, blue sky and a temperature of 30C.

As it is a long walk and I wanted to be a good host, I went out to capture my blip first thing this morning before we left. I don't usually blip insects when I don't know their names but I like this Tachinid so much and it is so frustrating not having my books here, that I though some kind person would help me out?

We will be spending tomorrow relaxing nearer home so I am hoping to nail some of the butterflies that have been playing hard to get...

Addendum: With thanks to Bastiaan at this little lady is now identified as the tachinid fly Ectophasia crassipennis

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