Tractors...Tree...Pink Cow

Today was the fourth and final day of a most enjoyable JK International Orienteering Festival in the South East.  Today was Relay Day and we were running in our teams of three at Pippingford Park.  The surreal attraction was the Spectator Control, visited by all orienteers about half way around their courses - it was this pink Friesian!

I was running betwixt Lindsey and Joyce on the W165+ course (your 'orienteering ages' must add up to 165 years and above!)  Lindsey returned in eighth place, I maintained that position and Joyce was sixth so we finished seventh overall.  Happy with that.

It's been a good weekend for catching up with folks as well as being out orienteering.  Now we have the remainder of the week to relax and see some more of this part of the country.

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