By Leiflife

Dancing Where We Are

The central motivation holds the key...

Summer and I were dancing in the park. The day was a bright-hot sort of day. And the wind was inciting... The camera was challenged by constant shifting of light and shadow. The music coming from my phone through the portable speaker was often drowned out by birdsong and wind in the trees. We moved in a public space, in a somewhat secluded glen. Our tender bare feet must adjust to a ground strewn with small bits of fallen debris from the branches above us. Our dancing was slow to develop and connection with one another was subject to distraction.
Yet we did dance, passing the camera back and forth and hoping that the magic of the moment would override the vagaries of our situation. Controlling exposure and shutter speed simply wasn't possible. 

I find the photos to be evocative of the bright-hot, wind-swept day when we danced in the park, over and under exposure be damned. These are over a week late being posted due to my usual indecision about which photos to post. Extras: Many...

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