secret garden

By freespiral


Down to Baltimore this morning (the original one) to put some cards on the ferry to go across to Cape Clear Island. The quayside was busy with a suitably holiday air. Loads of people spewed off the ferry: families, hikers, hairy dogs, twitchers (identified by their very long lenses), little girls in pink wellies, babies in slings - and the same amount poured on. I handed my parcel to the boatman who promised to deliver it. It's a forty minute journey out to Cape Clear , notorious for the liveliness of its waters but today was smooth. It's a beautiful island, part of the Gaeltacht, Irish -speaking areas, and every summer it is invaded by hordes of teenagers who come to do a crash course in Irish - a rite of passage really as it's often the first time they've been away from home. No English allowed!

Baltimore itself is a lively place in the summer, full of yachtie types and today there was a good crowd around, all sipping their cappuccinos al fresco. I parked next to an old and dilapidated building, oddly out of place in the main street. I was captivated and couldn't decide which pic to put up so there are extras- little details in dilapidation. The main pic is what I saw when I peered through a broken pane and slipped the tattered curtain aside. Amazing how resilient pot plants are and just carry on. I think this building was once a school and dates from 1840. Why I think this I don't know as I've not been able to find any info about it.
An early entry for Derelict Sunday. I shall be taking over from Marlieske in May and if anyone once fancies hosting after that, please let one of us know.

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