I came back this afternoon...

...only for Popeye to be mithering me to go in the potting shed.

I said No.
Popeye pestered me from looking through the window outside, to sitting on what I was doing.
Finally I did some research, and that heffalump Popeye sat on my shoulders.
One site suggested you crochet a wasps nest to trick the queen wasp and other wasps that there was a nest and she and they would keep away...
Another suggested you make a papier-mâché wasps nest...
Like heck was I going to do all that.
I reached for a brown paper bag, scrunched it up, pinned it to the door frame, and we both sat on my bed in the potting shed and waited.

Any wasp that came along just took one look at the scrunched up paper bag, and did a U turn. Not one wasp came into the potting shed. Brilliant. Result!!!

However, bees were another matter...they kept coming in and I had to keep getting off the bed, much to the disgust of Popeye, to guide the little critters back out of the door...sigh...

This is just a preliminary quick pencil sketch idea on all this. It would need quite a bit of jiggling around and redrawing in pencil before it could be inked in. However, I have got it down for future reference. And it is my picture for today in my challenge to myself of a pic every day in 2017.

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